Lantern Ski!

Whiskey Jack’s first lantern event is on December 21!

We encourage people to make their lanterns at home and bring them before dusk and place them anywhere along the posted route* (see map).  You may have to mound up some snow to get your lantern a little higher.

*Willow Trail, to Raven, along Raven to Willow, return to Trailhead before dusk (prior to 5 pm)


If you want to make your lantern out of snow, such as a Swedish Snow lantern be sure to have enough lighting inside!

Give yourself a bit of time in the afternoon to assemble the snowballs.  There are lots of websites and videos that provide more detail on how to make one.

If you want to make an ice light there are also lots of ways to do that.  Sometimes they are called Luminaries and can be made with snow or ice. Google images has lots of ideas!

Or you can make your lantern out of a decorated jar or tin can or wherever your imagination leads you.

Lanterns can be lit with battery tea light or candle tea light or any kind of small LED light that can withstand potential cold temperatures and will stay lit for a few hours.


We are hosting a Lantern workshop for kids December 19, 3 pm (in conjunction with a waxing clinic for adults downstairs).

We suggest a donation of a toonie for the lantern workshop.


The Day lodge will be open the evening of December 21 from 5-8 pm.  Hot chocolate will be available!