Weather and Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions (latest grooming report)



Mar 4 - Thanks John and Conan!  All trails have now been groomed/

Mar 2 - Thank you John and Conan!  The following have been groomed:

-jack rabbit



-blue jay




-upper spruce

- willow from upper spruce to the steep hill to upper aspen.

"We did not groom all of the outside trail (willow and spruce) as we were going to do the internal trails, and clean up our junction turns with a final pass on the outside trails.  There was quite a bit of snow so that slowed us down a bit. "

(click here for a ski trail map)


Links Golf Course

Sorry, no grooming will be done at Links this season.

Cold Weather and Competitions

Cold weather guidelines for coaches, skiers and race organizers are posted below and on the CCBC website at:
Coaches and skiers have a responsibility to know the rules of our sport and to be informed about appropriate cold weather protection measures. Race organizers are responsible for recommending cold weather protection measures to both officials and competitors when the temperature is colder than -15 C.Cold Weather and Hypothermia

Winter weather and cold temperatures pose a very real danger for everyone involved in activities outdoors. For more information click on: