Skier Etiquette

For your safety, and that of other skiers, it is important to practice proper trail etiquette and follow the rules listed below.

Ski on the right hand side of the trail: The rules of the road also apply here. If there are two sets of tracks then please keep to the one on your right. If no one is coming in the opposite direction then you can also occupy the left track, but you need to jump out of that track quickly for any on-coming skiers.

Let faster skiers pass – step aside: To ensure that everyone will enjoy their ski, it is good manners to allow a faster skier to pass. The safe way to do this is to step out of the track and wait until the faster skier has gone by. If there are two sets of tracks and there is no on-coming skier, then the faster skier can step into the left track and pass in that manner, but the pass needs to be done quickly.

If you fall on the trail: If you should fall on the tracks, please try and get off the trail as quickly as possible, so that others may pass you. This is especially true if you are in the left set of tracks or on a hill. You can collect yourself on the side of the tracks and then resume skiing when you are ready.  After a fall, fix damage to the tracks, if possible.

Never litter: As a cross country skier, you are enjoying nature and it is your responsibility to leave nature natural. No litter or garbage please.

Ski in control: Perhaps one of the most important safety practices that you can perform is to ski in control at all times. You will keep yourself and others safe when you do. It is important to learn how to control your speed and how to fall if you find that you cannot control your speed and you need to stop.

Maintaining ski tracks: Skate and herringbone without damaging the classic ski tracks.  Please remove small branches and debris/litter from the trails, if possible.

Dogs:   Use only the designated “Dog Ski Trails”. Dogs must be on a leash and harness (BC Parks requirement). Be a “responsible” owner and clean up after it.  More on skiing with dogs check our Ski Trails page (click here)

Report trail issues:  to the Club via Facebook or the website.


adapted, in part, from the Guidebook for Cross Country Canada’s Ski-at-School program